Cheryl and Simon have teamed up to create this get-well, get-toned and keep-fit concept, iBOUNCE.

Cheryl has always enjoyed keeping fit with aerobics and running. She was introduced to rebounding in her mid-40s and loved it immediately. It incorporated running and aerobics, but on a springy surface, changing exercise into a blissful, elasticised boogie, with no real coordination required!

Looking into it, she discovered it was far more than just fun! The health benefits were enormous! From her research she deduced that this was the magic bullet, a brilliantly simple way to keep fit, tone, strengthen and detoxify! Being a busy woman with limited time, she loved it that one exercise could achieve so much!

She began to collect the music she considered perfect to bounce to, and basically bounced almost every day from thereon in!! It was such a simple and brilliant way to keep fit!

Opening a studio was always a dream but it never materialised until now. Finding the right space, at the right price, sourcing the best trampolines and the right person to partner with was key, and all that came together in 2021.

Cheryl’s classes consist of simple, easy to follow moves that work every muscle in the body with emphasis on deep breathing! She likes to keep the moves as simple as possible so that nobody need struggle with coordination. She stresses that with rebounding, intensity is up to the individual, and one can put as much or as little into it as one wishes. The great thing is that even if you put very little into it, your body will benefit in a myriad of ways. The very act of gently bouncing up and down on a springy surface stimulates the lymphatic system, and starts toning and massaging each and every cell!

Simon, a kickboxing gym enthusiast, has been somewhat of a fitness fanatic most of his life. Also introduced to rebounding in his forties, he quickly understood the massive benefits, particularly as an add-on to his current regime. It improved his balance and strength and his entire system worked more efficiently. He also experienced a heightened sense of well-being and clarity.

Because of his many years as a radio jock, DJ, master of ceremonies and TV presenter in the UAE and South Africa, he brings along his amazing sound collection and a vibrant, interactive dimension to his high-octane and super-fun classes.

Cheryl Jobe    ReboundSA Certified

Simon Bechus    ReboundSA Certified


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