Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)


Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)


Why Choose The Spring Free Hex Mini Trampoline?

It is wonderful to have your own trampoline. You can bounce whenever you want and in whatever you want for however long you want. All you need is a small space and a sound system. Put on the music and bounce your way to health! High quality materials mean this trampoline is durable, safe, and also quiet so you can listen to the TV, music, or hear anyone else in the room.

The Spring Free Hex Mini Trampoline is specially designed to compliment fitness and sports training and increase core strength, cardio, speed and agility, coordination, weight loss and overall balance.

Tone, tighten, recharge! Burn Calories!

Bouncing on a trampoline works a wide range of muscle groups, It strengthens the core and the luteal (the area pertaining to the buttocks region) as both areas are constantly in use when exercising on a mini trampoline.

It is more than just a piece of exercise equipment. It is a health tool. Just gently bouncing up and down, barely lifting the feet, breathing deeply, for a few minutes several times a day, stimulates the lymphatic system and boosts the immune system. This aids the entire healing and detoxification process.

Bring the Spring Free Hex Mini Trampoline into your home today and share the health benefits with the whole family!

Material: Iron, Rubber. Hexagon rebounding surface, rust-resistant rugged frame for long-term use.
Adjustable Handlebar: Adjustable handlebar provides a firm and stable gripping apparatus to maintain steady and controlling cardio exercise.
Maximum User Capacity: 120kg

Diameter : 114 cm

Diameter of the jump surface: 82 cm – 88 cm (Hex)
Handle: Height adjustable from 118.5 – 134.5 cm
Package Size : 99 x 48 x 10cm
GW: 12.4 kg NW : 10.5 kg


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