All About Our Classes

Class Times & Prices

Monday to Friday:







R60 per 45 minute bounce or R600 per month for 3 bounces a week.

When Not To Bounce

Bouncing on a full stomach is not ideal.  Drinking too much liquid prior to a bounce negatively impacts the experience.  If you have any physical issues you are concerned about, please discuss these with your health practitioner prior to participating.

Booking a Class

Simply click on Book Now button below and book and pay for the class or classes that you are interested in.

Choose your date from the calendar.  Choose your time of prefered class.  If you want to repeat this booking you can by adding extra days. For a Saturday to be repeated choose option week.

There are 9 slots available per class.  You can book for more than one person when booking a class and this is when you would use this option. If you book 2 slots this would mean that you are booking the same class for more than one person.  

Your booking will be in the status of pending until payment has been received and then your booking will be confirmed.  The time limit on a pending booking is 30 minutes.

Our bank details are on the invoice that is emailed to the account used on booking form.  Please send an sms notification from your bank to 082 647 1872  when making payment.

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What to Wear & What to Bring

Wear something light, comfortable and easy to move in.  We like to bounce in socks and provide these for your convenience.  However, some prefer to bounce in trainers.  The choice is yours!  Bring a small towel and a bottle of water, although we do have a water cooler in the studio if you need a refill!

Rules to follow

Please bounce safely and follow our guidelines.

Please note that the maximum weight for our rebounders is 120kgs.

Spectators are welcome as long as they are accompanied by somebody attending the class.

Children are welcome to participate if they are around the age of 9.  The price for children attending an adult class is the same as for adults.

What to Expect

A cool and beautifully decorated studio with an extractor fan plus cooling fans to keep the air circulating, fresh and cool!

A fun workout, with great instructors, and the best quality rebounders.

Fabulous music with the best beats to bounce to.

Additional elements, like resistance bands, balls and dumbbells to further enhance the benefits of rebounding.

Clean, easy to access loos in the shopping arcade, just outside our studio.

A Reverse Osmosis water cooler for your refreshment.

A convenient place to hang your coat and bag while bouncing.

Loads of parking, both at the back and front of the building.