Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 17:15  |  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 08:15
Children over 8 years old are welcome to attend!


R60 per class


With amazing luck we found the little basement studio in Harry Mann Square. Once a storage facility, an odd two level property, and perfect for our requirements! We had all sorts of visions and ideas for the studio, but in the end we decided on navy and the brightest pink!
Harry Mann Square, 112 York Street has ample parking, both in front and at the back of the building. From York Street, turn into Cathedral Street. At the very first stop sign, turn right into a big parking lot (link to location map).
The studio itself contains 10 top quality sport trampolines, each with stabilizing bar.
Large fans are strategically placed to keep the temperature cool and the air constantly circulating.
There is a safe place to leave your personal belongings.
Toilet facilities are available within the centre, just outside the studio
a Reverse Osmosis water dispenser is available. Paper cups are provided. Please help yourself! Socks are available for those who may require them.


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