• It stimulates the lymphatic system. Why is this so important?

 The lymph fluid moves through channels called vessels.  These are filled with one-way valves, so it always moves in one direction.  The main lymph vessels run up the legs, up the arms and up the torso.  This explains why the vertical up and down movement of rebounding is so effective in stimulating the flow of lymph. While bouncing, the valves open and close more efficiently, increasing the flow of nutrient-dense blood and oxygen to the cells, and encouraging the release of toxins into the lymphatic system, which now flows out of your system at levels never before experienced.  To put it in simple terms, a sedentary person has a lymphatic flush once a day. When you bounce, the lymphatic system flushes every 2-4 minutes! Couple this detoxification with deep, rhythmic breathing and you add alkalisation into the equation.  Incredible benefits are achieved by simply bouncing up and down and breathing deeply!

  • It tones and tightens every cell in your body

Rebounding is an exercise that reduces body fat. It firms up the legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips; increases agility; and improves balance. Overall, rebounding strengthens all muscles, provides an aerobic effect for the heart, recharges the body, and improves your state of health and fitness on all levels.

  • It strengthens the core

It tightens your tummy, strengthens the core and defines the waist. How? Because you are constantly balancing your body on a slightly unstable surface, much like the vibration platform machine.

  • Less time is required on the rebounder for better results than other forms of exercise.

For example, 20 minutes of rebounding equals 1 hour of running for cardiovascular workout. So for those who claim they do not have time for exercise, rebounding could be your solution!

  • Easy on the bones and joints

Rebounding improves bone strength and density.  Your joints are safe, as there is no solid ground to land on, just a soft elasticised mat. Your movements are perfectly safe, and the gravitational effect stimulates everything at cellular level.

  • Encourages regular bowel movement

The gentle bounce is effective in returning natural, regular bowel movements. The steady up-and-down movements sets up a pulsating rhythm, which re-establishes one’s rhythmical bowel activity. Digestion is improved as well. In essence rebounding massages every cell in the body simultaneously. EVERY cell gets a deep, therapeutic stretch, squeeze, pull and push.

Who’d have thought that such a simple exercise could have such profound benefits!

To summarise:  While bouncing you are flushing out toxins from all the cells in your body, flooding each cell with alkalising oxygen AND increasing your cells ability to absorb nutrients with far greater efficiency than your body has EVER experienced!

Yes, while you are happily bouncing to fabulous music, you are in fact strengthening, toning, rejuvenating, enlivening and recharging every cell, every organ, every muscle, every bone, every hair follicle!!


It is easy to understand why it is referred to as THE MIRACLE EXERCISE!


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