The Bouncers

Cheryl Jobe
Cheryl JobeReboundSA certified
Simon Bechus
Simon BechusReboundSA certified

Cheryl and Simon mother and son, have teamed up to create this get-well, get-toned and keep-fit concept, iBOUNCE.

Cheryl, a runner most of her adult life, was given a rebounder as a gift.  After just a few days, she realised that rebounding was a spectacular way to exercise.  Looking into it, she discovered it was far more than just fun!  The health benefits were enormous!! She gathered together tons of fabulous music and bounced almost every day from thereon in!!  It was such a simple and brilliant way to keep fit!  She listened out for songs with the perfect beat, building up a unique collection of fantastic tunes, from pop to rap to R&B to house to reggae!

Her classes consist of simple, easy to follow moves that work every muscle in the body with emphasis on deep breathing! 

Simon, a kickboxing gym enthusiast, has been somewhat of a fitness fanatic most of his life. His mother introduced him to rebounding, and he loved it.  It wasn’t just the muscle toning and sense of happiness he enjoyed, but his entire system seemed to work more efficiently. He experienced a sense of well-being that had hitherto escaped him, and his interest was piqued!  

Simon adds a vibrant dimension to his classes, from his basic beginner workouts to his hardcore High Intensity Interval Training sessions. His classes are inspirational and fun. He also has a large selection of fabulous dance music, having been a radio jock and DJ in Dubai and South Africa for many years.