In essence, it is jumping up and down on a specifically designed mini-trampoline known as a rebounder! Add invigorating, high-energy music and you have a recipe for a super-fun form of exercise!

Rebounding takes advantage of the force of gravity and the principle of acceleration and deceleration. When you bounce you are either up in the air and weightless, or hitting the mat at double your weight!

This continuous movement has an amazing effect on every cell in your body, each cell being stimulated simultaneously in a way that no other exercise can achieve! This has a profoundly beneficial effect on your cellular structure, your lymphatic and circulatory system.

Rebounding strengthens every muscle, joint and cell in the body, while at the same time improving elimination, detoxification, circulation, oxygenation, alkalisation, nutrification, respiration, coordination and digestion.


According to NASA, it is the MIRACLE EXERCISE and the exercise of the future! Ten minutes of intense bouncing is equal to 40 minutes of running!

With minimum effort, you’ll get fit, improve your health and lose weight, and it will always be something to look forward to.

It is also a fabulous way for children and he elderly to get fit and healthy. It is fun with easy to follow moves. For seniors, this is an excellent form of exercise! There is no jarring and it is gentle on the joints.

Our classes are designed to suit all levels. No skill is required. Anyone can do it. All will benefit!


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